I played the PianoMan Gig at the Greenhouse Tavern, Coffs Harbour , as the HonkyTonk Woman last Friday night.

There was a really fun, interactive audience who applauded every song and were very generous in their praise of my piano playing skills and who want to book me for a private function that they have coming up soon. I played many requests like Love Shack, Piano Man ( but don’t tell anyone!) I made up a song on the spot for a lovely couple, that have been together for 5 years but didn’t have “their song”. A man came rushing out from the back of the pub to give me a $20 tip because he head me playing Fat’s Waller’s The Vipers Drag! And then Jarod, the lovely kitchen hand, came out of the kitchen and sang  Roundhouse Blues and a bunch of other tunes!

The next day, I was joined by Retaw, to get into the business of intensive rehearsal for our Sunday Recital coming up at St. John’s Church on April 30. We are particularly working on some more Vivaldi tunes. I’m happy o say that they are coming along well. We have already sold some tickets online! We are putting together our program, which we will print for everyone to have a copy on the day, lots of posters to go up and down the coast to let people know that we are performing. The next day I enjoyed teaching my beautiful adult students. Angie has gone from being a classically trained pianist to a fully fledged jazz player! It has been so delightful watching her playing transform. As she says, it has given her a new life. She goes into retirement hostels and performs regularly. Mark has always been a classical player but has really worked on his sensitivity and timing to produce beautiful Bach, Brahms and Beethoven. It is an absolute pleasure listening to him playing , and often by memory. I do offer my adult students ways to keep improving their playing. I do not push them but let them know that they are playing great and if they want to go to the next level, that they could work on this part of their playing now. It is always their choice and I often find that they love to play as well as they are able. It is great seeing how much work that they dedicate to it. Mark gets dressed up in a tux and Skypes concerts to his family who live far away. Then it was off to the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium, where all of my lovely students are practicing well every week. We keep an eye on their practice amounts using my Music Journal, which they all have. It is a great communication tool, especially with the eisteddfods and AMEB practical and theory exams coming up. I write all of the requirements for each activity, on the dedicated pages, so that their parents know all of the information, at the turn of a page. There is a friendly competition in my studio on who practices the most over the school holidays. There is no denying that the most dedicated practice people are becoming the best players and getting the best results. High Distinctions being amongst those results. Of course, not everyone in my studio is exam driven. I have two beautiful girls who are also singing and writing their own songs.

Well this is my first blog! I’m still not sure what one is, but this is mine 🙂