The Joy Of Life CD $20

Piano Only

Cover Design…Heather Rose

Very lovely and relaxing jazz and contemporary piano music.

Tracks :

  • New Baby Lillian ( original)
  • Streets Of London ( arranged Heather Rose)
  • Blue Daniel
  • Yesterday
  • Isn’t It A lovely Day
  • When I Fall In Love
  • God Bless The Child
  • Blue Moon ( arranged Heather Rose)
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  • The Joy Of Life ( original)


The HonkyTonk Woman CD $10

This CD is from a recording of a band that Heather formed 4 years ago to play in festivals.

There are 7 tracks.

  • Clap Your hands
  • Big Bamboo
  • Charmed Life
  • Flick Flack Boogie
  • Laying It Bare ( original)
  • Caledonia
  • Floorboard Boogie ( original)

Back From The Brink $25

Photos and Words By Heather Rose

This CD took 7 years to record.

It was recorded after Heather’s life changing accident. She realised that although she had done a fair bit of session work, recording on other peoples CD’s over the years, that there was nothing of her music recorded.

As a songwriter and multi instrumentalist, she proceeded to relearn how to play.

You can hear her recovery get stronger over the 7 years it took to make the CD, especially in her voice as she went from being wheelchair bound to being able to move around, still occasionally on sticks.

There is a lot of laughter involved and silliness and truth.

Song List

  • FloorBoard Boogie (original)
  • Blackberry Boogie
  • Layin It Bare ( original)
  • The Vipers Drag
  • Mumma’s Little Baby
  • Set Me Free ( original)
  • Caledonia
  • Flick Flack Boogie
  • Summertime
  • Baby Please Don’t Go
  • Honey’s Boogie
  • One Time Around

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Music Journal 

Postage of a hardcopy approx $10

The music Journal is the unique way to record your progress in a funky style, whether you are having lessons, teaching yourself or trying to organise your band.

It is a great way to communicate your progress, needs and future ideas while giving you a realistic look at how much time and effort you are putting towards your goal of becoming a great musician.

I have designed this journal to offer you the opportunity to keep a unique record of all of the work you put into becoming a musician, every aspect of your studies, from exams and performances to weekly lessons and daily practice, across a 12 month period. I invite you to keep updating these records weekly, especially during holiday periods, so that you can keep moving forward in your craft during this time.

I have included a 24 month, easy glance calendar to give you a quick overview of the big events that are happening for you during that period. I have included the ability to look at 4 weeks work at a time and handy A4 manuscript paper for you to be able to use every week.

I am a huge supporter of live music, so have provided a space for your mentor to write details of local music events that may be of interest to you. In keeping with modern times, there is room to share web site information. I have provided room for you to record every aspect of any performances you will be involved in, for easy reference.

Also there is a space to write the details of qualified instrument repairers, tuners, music shops and any music teachers that you study with. There are blank pages for when you learn how to write music charts or to use for extra note taking.

On your weekly progress pages there are spaces provided so that you can see how you are progressing with theory, general knowledge, sight reading etc as well as a quick view of how much practice you are doing. Also there are pages for your teacher to fill in with your exam requirements and eisteddfods. I’ve even provided pages for HSC and school music project details.

One of my favorite spots in this book is for achievements for this year and goals for next year. So wherever you are with your learning, whatever instrument you are playing, the Music Journal is a unique way to record your ideas and progress.

feel necessary – i.e. weight, size, colour etc.)