In 2013, heather rose was commissioned to write and perform for 2 silent movies by the film group, ScreenWave Australia for their film festival,Venus of the South Seas
Call Of The Surf.
The 2 films were from the 1920’s, one having been rescued from the newcastle tip.
Heather used 2 different approaches to her writing for these 2 films.
One was to call on piano thrills and spills form the original silent movie era, the other was to use parts of popular music, as was the way of piano players in the early 1900’s, so that the audience could relate to what they were hearing.
The result was having an audience sitting and laughing at appropriate moments during the film and tearing up at other parts.
The performance was so successful, that she started touring to all of the regional areas locally, showing the film and playing along to it, with much success.
Heather is really looking forward to touring once again with either film, at a date later this year to be advised.
If you are interested in having her play along to a silent movie for you festival or would to feature its a stand alone event, please contact Heather Rose for more info.
Romance of the Surf (1929), Venus of the South Seas (1924)