My original music spans over the last decade of my performing.

The music that I have written often comes to me as a package, words and music, and becomes the soundtrack to my life at that point in time.

It can be funny, sad, beautiful, frenetic or just is.

The song will be playing over and over in my head during my every waking moment and I have to play it all of the time , to whom ever will listen. Lucky that I have a large variety of willing participants 🙂

The song helps me get through whatever is happening in my life at that point in time whether it is huge and scary, a broken heart , the loss of a loved one or the most joyous occasion imaginable.

Always, these songs are written from my heart.

The styles vary incredibly and are not always an accurate description of the event that is happening in my life at the time.

A very good example of this is a much loved audience favourite ” The Joy Of Life”

It was written at a time when  I had moved to a remote location, following ” the love of my life”, owned 2 pianos, was still unsure if my leg was staying on and I was broke and homeless.

So what does a girl do in that situation but write a beautiful , uplifting instrumental that audiences often request and has sold many copies of it on CD!

Every tune has a story.

And every story evolves the music.

Here is a list of my originals, covering many different genres, and a few youtube clips to give a little idea of my story.

I haven’t recorded my songs in a few years, but am planning to go back into the recording studio some time later this year.


Dust On The Mantle Piece

I’m Not Ready

Travelling The Straight Line


Not The Only One…..on you tube…. heather rose musician australia


The Song That Should Never Have Been Written


Hello, How’re Ya Doin’ Blues


It’s Normally Me That Does The Leaving

Chocolate & Gin

Sophie’s Dream

Pre 2015

Nambucca Head Blues

Set Me Free

The Joy Of Life….on you tube heather rose musician australia

Have You Got What It Takes

Lullaby  For Tammy

Thief, Liar

Judgement Day

New Baby Lillian

Two Beautiful

Me and my Man

My Mamma Said

Laying It Bare

Speak Softly Love

It’s Ain’t Right

Not Foreal

Floorboard Boogie

Have You Got What It Takes

There songs are available on iTunes and CD