The HonkyTonk Woman show is a solo , 2 piece or band show. It is where she gets to show her skills in performing with cheeky lyrics, audience participation…she is renowned for getting the whole audience singing or using percussion. She showcases her physical strength on the piano with her strong, rolicking boogie woogie bass lines and her dexterity with her soloing!

Singing blues from BB King or playing cool Fats Waller tunes from the 1920’s, these shows are fun , entertaining and a must see. She has been called Queen of the North Coast Boogie Woogie Piano, a name she regularly lives up too.

It’s also the show that you are likely to see her piano tricks.

She is the only piano player in Australia that can do all 5 tricks.

  1. Laying on the floor and playing back the front.
  2. Laying on the piano stool and playing upside down and cross handed
  3. playing with a bling fold.
  4. playing with a sheet on the piano
  5. playing blind folded with a sheet on the piano.

She is definitely available for festivals and venues.

Piano Tricks

Often when playing in her HonkyTonk Woman band , Heather will also play synthesiser and sax!