Heather has really , only recently , being able to indulge in the privilege of writing , recording and performing her own songs.

They are available for purchase on iTunes

They are also spread amongst her 3 CD’s

Heather is available to play Sets of her originals at various venues and Festivals.

She first started introducing them into bands and never told the band members they were her songs until she was sure that they liked them.

Now she gets regular requests from the audience for her own material.

All of Heather’s songs are as individual as she is.

They all reflect different periods of her life and they have been the mantra’s that have gotten her through some very difficult times during her life.

The songs don’t always reflect exactly what was going on. For example, The Joy Of Life was written during a particularly tough period.

Ask her what the story s behind this happy song the next time you see her.

Her latest recording project, started in 2015, is of her originals but worth different local talents playing on them to make them sound how they were meant to sound.

Heather is extremely grateful to all of the talented people who have been helping on this project.

The eagerly awaited release of these songs will hopefully happen towards the end of this year.

They are:

  • Lullaby For Tammy
  • Chocolate And Gin
  • It’s Normally Me That Does the Leaving
  • Judgement Day
  • Not Foreal
  • Not The Only One
  • Thief , Liar
  • Sophie’s Dream
  • Nambucca Heads Blues
  • Speak Softly Love

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