The biggest comment, other than how much people have enjoyed Heather’s bands play, is, “ If we knew it was going to be this good, we would have made our friends come along. Where are you booked to play next?”

Heather’s latest incarnation has been

“The All New Red Hot Jazz Katz”

Firstly she met Retaw Boyce, world renown violinist and asked him to record on an original song of hers. They made an immediate musical connection and started playing various gigs together.

Then she met Argentinan reeds player, Pablo Blitzer. They immediately decided to form a Gypsy Jazz Band. That’s when she invited her previous band mate from Ulmurra, Bob Graham, to play the drums with them.

They were an unlikely looking bunch with an unusual mix of instruments, no bass and no guitar for one, with Heather handling the bass lines and the rhythm section very well.

Bob’s first reaction at rehearsal, when he saw the guys, was, “oh dear, what have I got myself in for?’, that’s until they started playing.

With their unique personalities and excellent musicianship, improvisational skills, their happiness and friendship, this band wowed packed audiences all over the North Coast until Bob sadly and unexpectedly passed away in October last year.

Heather is still doing bookings for the trio, with a 4 piece band available using Peter Harries Jrn from Port Macquarie on drums.

She decided not to officially replace Bob, as the blend that the 4 of them had on stage is irreplaceable.

So now the band is morphing into something else again…stay tuned for the next incarnation.

Blue Drag…Django Reinhardt

– I Found A New Baby